Google Vs Yahoo Vs Bing – The Major Search Engines

If you want to earn a living on the Internet, you may have to depend on the three major search engines for traffic. The three search sites are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Which search engines can deliver higher quality traffic? Here is a quick comparison.

Google search engine.

Google is the most well established search engine among the three. It is used by millions of visitors each month. The primary reason why it is so popular is that it can deliver highly relevant results in a flash. The search results are updated on a regular basis to ensure that the content stays fresh and relevant. If you make a search in Google for a keyword phrase, it’s very likely that you will find what you want on the first page of the search results. That’s how good the search engine is.

In terms of traffic, Google owns the monster share of traffic. Both Yahoo and Bing cannot match the traffic that Google can deliver. Therefore, many Internet marketers work hard to optimize their 메이저사이트 for Google. Some even focus solely on this giant search site. A handful of lucky marketers have reported that they have been consistently earning five figure monthly incomes with traffic from Google alone. So whatever you do, don’t neglect Google. Optimize your site to make it Google-friendly.

Bing search site.

Bing is Microsoft’s new baby. The old search engine is known as MSN Live. MSN Live has been unable to deliver much traffic. But since the release of Bing, this search engine is gaining ground very quickly. Perhaps this is due to the large amount of publicity generated by the launch of Bing. Bloggers are excited about the new search site. Webmasters have always wanted a competitor for Google. Bing does look like a strong contender.

Yahoo search engine.

Yahoo used to be second in the race. However, in recent months, it has been overtaken by Bing. Webmasters complain that Yahoo take too long to update its search indexes. Marketers do receive an occasionally trickle of traffic from Yahoo. Hopefully, Yahoo will improve on its search algorithm and make a comeback.

Fortunately, SEO techniques for all 3 search engines are rather similar. When you optimize for one, you are likely to rank in the others as well. You don’t have to optimize for each search engine. For instance, all 3 search engines count your back links as “votes”. The more back links you have, the higher you will rank in the search results.

If you are unsure of how to optimize your site, check out Google’s webmaster guidelines. These guidelines may be released by Google, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t apply to other search engines. If you create a search engine friendly site, all the three major search engines will send you traffic. Try not to get yourself penalized by Google by observing the guidelines. Google does represent the biggest amount of traffic you will receive from the search engines.

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